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2023-24 Membership Drive Underway

     The deadline to become a member and be eligible to vote for next year's 2024 Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame Class is December 31, 2023. Membership in the chapter is open to all sports enthusiasts 18 years of age and older who have an interest in promoting and preserving the athletic accomplishments of individuals and teams from Mifflin County. The annual membership dues is $20. All officers and members serve on a voluntary basis. You will be included in the annual induction process of voting for each year's class. You may nominate deserving individuals for induction consideration to the Mifflin County chapter. Once the nomination committee has released a slate of candidates, you can vote for this year’s inductees. You must join by December 31, 2023 to be eligible to vote. Your attendance at meetings is not required, however we certainly encourage you to attend our annual induction ceremony as well as participate on any of our committees. Dues may be paid completely online via credit or debt card using the membership form below, or you can pay with a check by downloading the membership form link at the bottom of this page and mailing it in.  Why not join us today!

Mifflin County Babe Ruth Baseball

Recent honorary inductee Ray Wilde poses with the Mifflin County Babe Ruth Goose in front of the Super 8 Motel in Milroy.

2023-2024 Active Members

As of 01-21-24 (Membership Drive Closes 12-31-23)


Ralph Baker - Lewistown

Cindy Baxter - Reedsville

Wendee Booher - Boiling Springs

Dick Gingrich - Lewistown

Joe Heller - Benton

Harold E. Powell, Jr. - Mifflintown

Ron Sprecher - Lewistown

Donald Attick - Reedsville

Barry Bargo - Lewistown

Deborah Bargo - Lewistown

Crystal Baroni - DeLand, Florida

George Bohn - Lewistown

W. Keith Booher - McVeytown

Ben Boone - New Cumberland

Emily Boone - New Cumberland

Diane Bray - Reedsville

Sam Bray - Reedsville

Bruce Brumbaugh - McVeytown

Pam Brumbaugh - McVeytown

Craig Bubb - Lewistown

Sam Caldwell - Lewistown

Edward Carstetter - Lewistown

Michael Castro - Reedsville
Lois Cole - Mechanicsburg

Wayne Cole - Mechanicsburg

Charles Coleman - Lewistown

Joan Conrad - Yeagertown

Robert Conrad - Yeagertown

William Corbin - Belleville

Remi Cox - Annapolis, Maryland

Larry Crawford - State College

Jennifer Creighton - State College

Angela Deamer - Burnham

Mark DeVecchis - McClure

Marie DeVecchis Lepley - Lewistown

Joel Diamond - Reedsville

Rachael Diamond - Reedsville

Garrett Dixon - Lewistown

Jamie Dixon - Lewistown

Renee DuBois - Daytona Beach, Florida

Kathleen Fanzo - McVeytown
Colleen Fisher - Boalsburg

Jeffrey Fisher - Boalsburg

Rich Freed - Belleville

Chris Gill - McVeytown

Erin Goldschmidt - Blue Hill, Maine

Matt Goldschmidt - Blue Hill, Maine

Lonnie Griffith - Lewistown

​Adam Harpster - Milroy

​Cher Harpster - Milroy

Brad Heckert - Annapolis, Maryland

Braedyn Heckert - Annapolis, Maryland

Brian Heckert - Reedsville

Conner Heckert - Annapolis, Maryland

Dianne Heckert - Annapolis, Maryland

Jack Heckert - Reedsville

Jarrett Heckert - Annapolis, Maryland

Morgan Heckert - Hanover, Maryland

Sean Heckert - Hanover, Maryland

Amy Heller - Benton

Joe Heller, Sr. - Lewistown

Marv Henry - McVeytown

Mary Henry - McVeytown

Roger Herto - Milroy

Hayden Hidlay - Fargo, North Dakota

Heath Hidlay - Raleigh, North Carolina

Lydia Hidlay - Lewistown

Mark Hidlay - Lewistown

Nichola Hidlay - Lewistown

Trent Hidlay - Raleigh, North Carolina

Ben Hill - Kennett Square

Ray Hoppel - Lewistown

Benjamin Horning - Lewistown

Remi Johnson - Annapolis, Maryland

Nathan Kalin - Falls Church, Virginia

David Kepner - Camp Hill

Steve Kitting - Lewistown

John Knepp - Lewistown

Kevin Kodish - Lewistown

Nicole Lloyd - Mechanicsburg

Bill Logan - Fairview, North Carolina

Pam M. Logan - Lewistown

Joann Loht - McClure

Laura Loht - DeLand, Florida

Randy Loht - McClure
Natisha Maclay - Reedsville

Genevieve McCardle - Lewistown

Randy McMullen - Lewistown

Rick Mills - Las Vegas, Nevada

Michael D. Mowery - Lewistown

Ronald Myers - Lewistown

Ron Napikoski - Lewistown

Tyler Otero - Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Mary Jane Owens - Lewistown

Mike Palm - Lewistown

Phyllis Palm - Lewistown

Norman Peachey - Daphne, Alabama

Kay Powell - Mifflintown

Todd Pully - Lewistown

Prestie Rankin - Reedsville

Jim Ream - Lewistown

Ben Rothrock - Mechanicsville, Virginia

Douglas Rothrock - Lewistown

Harry M. Saxton, Jr. - Mechanicsburg

David Schulze - Reedsville

Daniel L. Searer - Prescott, Arizona

Elliot Searer - Lancaster

Steve Searer - Lewistown

Susan Searer - Lewistown

Tim Searer - Lewistown

Dave Semler - Reedsville

Kay Semler - Reedsville

Chase Sheaffer - Lewistown

Chris Sheaffer - Lewistown

Hunter Sheaffer - Lewistown

Jennifer Sheaffer - Lewistown

Justice Sheaffer - Lewistown

Dave Sheetz - Reedsville

Jim Shilling - Reedsville

Ken Sicchitano - Naples, Florida

Joseph Sikorsky - Belleville

Dennis Simonetti - Lewistown

John Sipe - Lewistown

Donald Spangler - Lewistown

Ed Stewart - Lewistown

Bill Stroup - Lewistown

Judy Stroup - Lewistown

Barry F. Stuck - Belleville

J. Stanley Stuck - Lewistown

E. Terry Styers - McVeytown

Jim Swineford - Lewistown

Michael Tate - Burnham

Vicky Tate - Burnham
Daniel Torok - Lewistown

Braden Treaster - Newberry, South Carolina
Bret Treaster - Lewistown

Mary Vogt Zimmerman - State College

Matthew Waddell - Belleville

Kelly Wallin - Stow, Ohio

Tina Walls - Reedsville

Katy Warke - Lewistown

Donald Warntz - Lewistown

Ray Wilde - Belleville

Tona Williams - McVeytown

Robert E. Wilson - Lititz

Larry Wolfe - Lewistown

Robert Woodward - Groveland, Florida

David Wray - McClure

Noah Wright - Lewistown

Amanda Yohn - Lewistown

Jonathan Zarkovich - Milroy
Candy C. Zimmerman - Boalsburg

Jon Zimmerman - Boalsburg

Leah Zimmerman - State College

Lucas Zimmerman - State College

Seth Zimmerman - Gibsonia

Frank Zook - Reedsville

Jim Zubler - Spring Mills

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