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Our Story

The Mifflin County Sports Hall of Fame  (MCSHOF) came to be on June 19, 2020. The Board of Directors of the MCSHOF  is comprised of nine (9) members, which includes a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These are elected positions from the active members of the MCSHOF. Below is the current Board of Directors and Committee Members for the 2023-24 membership year.

Our Board of Directors

President - Tim Searer    (Term expires 07/2025)

Vice-President - Brain Heckert    (Term expires 07/2026)

Treasurer - Joel Diamond    (Term expires 07/2027)

Secretary - Cher Harpster    (Term expires 07/2027)

Roger Herto    (Term expires 07/2026)

Kevin Kodish     (Term expires 07/2025)

Bret Treaster     (Term expires 07/2025)

Tona Williams    (Term expires 07/2027)

Jon Zimmerman    (Term expires 07/2026)

Our Bylaws

Our Committees

Finance / Event Planning

Joel Diamond

Cher Harpster (C)

Tona Williams

* Solicit Event Sponsors

* Determine Levels of Sponsorship

* Secure Renewals and Expand Sponsors

* Secure Facility for Event and Pricing of Tickets

* Solicit Sponsorships from Inductee's Employer  & College

* Solicit Sponsorships from Inductee's Family & Friends

* Forward Sponsor Ads to Public Relations Committee for Program Printing

Membership / Public Relations

Brian Heckert

Roger Herto (C)

Kevin Kodish

Bret Treaster


Barry Bargo

Cindy Baxter

Sam Bray

Mike Castro

Joel Diamond

Cher Harpster

Brian Heckert

Kevin Kodish

​Tish Maclay

Ron Myers

​Junior Powell

Tim Searer (C)

Joe Sikorsky

Bret Treaster

Larry Wolfe

Frank Zook

* Membership Renewal Solicitation

* New Member Solicitation

* Solicitation for Membership of Non-Member Banquet Attendees

* Coordinate with other Committees on Press Releases

* Coordinate with Printer on Induction Program

* Coordinate ads for Induction Program with Event Committee 

* Maintain Social Media (Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

* Maintain Current Membership Count

* In conjunction with The Board of Directors, determine size of the Ballot and Number of Inductees

* Continuously Maintain, Expand and Improve Master List of Nomination Candidates

* Narrow the Master List each year down to the number directed by The Board of Directors

* Create accurate Biographies for Ballot completion by December 31st

* Coordinate with the Printer for mailing of Ballots to General Membership by January 31st

* Have Ballots returned annually by March 1st

* Tabulate Results and Announce New Class of Inductees by March 15th

* Coordinate with Printer on New Class Inductees for the  Induction Program

Our Business Partners

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